(Japanese) ボドリアン図書館所蔵のファースト・フォリオに関する講演のお知らせ

ボドリアン図書館キュレーターPip Willcox氏による講演会が東京と京都で行われます。



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“Gentle breath of yours my sails/ Must fill, or else my project fails”: Tales of the Bodleian First Folio

In 1623, the First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays was collaboratively published by a consortium of printers and fellow actors of the playwright, seven years after his death. A copy of the book arrived at Oxford’s Bodleian Library that same year. It was deacquisitioned some time after the Third Folio’s publication in 1663/4. Brought back to the Library by chance in 1905, a public funding campaign assured its permanent return to the Bodleian.

Due to its fragility, it has been little studied since. The goal of the book’s second public campaign, Sprint for Shakespeare, was to create a “digital avatar”2 which revealed the materiality of the book, made it accessible to readers primarily interested in the contents, and enabled reuse. A secondary aim of the campaign was to test the viability of crowdfunding digitization and online publication of rare books in the Bodleian Libraries’ Special Collections, with a view to engaging the public with texts beyond the literary canon.

This talk tells some the book’s curious stories, from its two public campaigns (1906 and 2012), through its conservation, digitization, and current publication in searchable text form, to the apple pip languishing in the pages of Henry VI Part 2.
The remarkable story of perhaps the most-read copy of one of the world’s most iconic books is a window on literary, social, and physical book history, and demonstrates some affordances of the digital for fans of Shakespeare, both scholarly and general.

This project was a collaboration across the Bodleian, the University of Oxford’s e-Research Centre and IT Services, as well as faculty members from several universities. The resource was influenced by other digital facsimiles of early printed Shakespeare, including some of the team’s previous work on the Shakespeare Quartos Archive. Work on the Bodleian First Folio continues.

Pip Willcox氏
Pip Willcox is the Curator of Digital Special Collections at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford and responsible for its Centre for Digital Scholarship. With a background in scholarly editing and book history, she is an advocate for engaging new audiences for multidisciplinary scholarship and library collections through digital media.
She conceived and ran the Sprint for Shakespeare public campaign and the Bodleian First Folio project. Current projects include Early English Print in the HathiTrust (ElEPHãT)—a linked semantic prototyping project, and SOCIAM: the theory and practice of social machines. Pip serves on the Text Encoding Initiative Board of Directors, and is Co-director of the annual Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School, convening its introductory workshop strand.

この講演は9月1日(火)~3日(木)に京都大学で開催される第5回デジタル・ヒューマニティーズ学会(JADH2015: Encoding Cultural Resources、日本デジタル・ヒューマニティーズ協会主催)における一般公開の講演です。9月4日の東京大学本郷キャンパスにおける同講演者による講演内容は同内容です。講演は参加費無料。



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