Young Scholar Award

In 2007, The Shakespeare Society of Japan established Young Scholar Award to encourage young scholars working in the fields of Shakespeare and other early Modern English Literature. The annual Award is given to papers published in Shakespeare Studies(English numbers) and Shakespeare Journal(Japanese numbers) which have been judged to be of exceptional merit by the Shakespeare Society of Japan Young Scholar Award Board. If papers by the same author are published in Shakespeare Studies and Shakespeare Journal in the same year, both papers may be judged by the Board.
(Conditions for the Award and Prize Money)

Prize money of 30,000 yen will be given to the author(s) of the paper nominated for the Award on the condition that the author:
1) Be a member of The Shakespeare Society of Japan.
2) Be under the age of 37 at the time of the deadline for application or obtained their MA degree not earlier than 5 years prior to application.
3) Has not been given the Award in the past.



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